Saan nga ba hahanapin ang liwanag?
Kung dilim ay nangingibabaw?
Paano tatahakin ang tama?
Kung landas mo ay nawawala?

Susubukan mong kumawala
Sa pagkakagapos ng pagkaulila
Ngunit ika'y mabibigo
At magtatanong kung ba't nga ba naririto

Minsan hindi mo kailangang magsalita
Hayaang dumaloy lang ang luha
Ilabas ang nasa kalooban
Upang ibsan ang nararamdaman.

Music of life

I have always believed that this life is like a dance. Each journey is an opportunity to dance to the rhythm of the music. Each chapter is a chance to showcase the grace and poise while executing the steps. Each step follows a different beat.


The purpose isn't about perform it perfectly, but to enjoy every step of the way. It doesn't matter how long the music is, or how complicated the steps maybe. What's important is you enjoy every step along the way. Cherishing every bit of the music.


But, just like a dance, life also has a start and an end; beginning and an ending. So, dance to the music of your life and enjoy the rhythm of it 'cause we don't know when it will end.


Photo by @JuanHapito x @JaphetOnTheGo
Mua by @MartinJohnAndrade

Under my Skin

A collab photoshoot with LaLa Monteagudo and Paulo Rodriguez

Makeup: Martin Rules
Photography and concept: JuanHapito

Check full photos at www.juanhapito.tumblr.com

#juanhapito #conceptualshoot

To the president we never had.

This maybe my last post for you Madam Senator but you'll forever be in my heart. I would like to take my hat off, salute and give honor to you for all you've done for this country. You're truly the best president we never had. I wish you good health and success in your future endeavor. I just hope this country will not regret the decision we made today.

I'm sorry Madam because even after all you've done for this country, not even 10% appreciated it;
because you served the country that doesn't deserve you;
because we failed you for the third time.

Go and pursue your career in the International Court. Don't waste another year of your life in this country that doesn't appreciate you; who kill you no matter how much you show them you're strong; who doesn't see your importance no matter what your achievements are.

It's hard to let go but I know God has better plans for you. You'll have my last presidential vote not unless someone as great as you comes our way.

To my President, mabuhay ka at salamat, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago! ❤️😔👑 #SalamatMiriam